About Us

Our mission is to introduce customers to the world of single-origin coffees and speciality drinks, which presents a fascinating world of unique flavours.

The coffees, sourced from a single geographical location, often a specific farm or region, offer a pure and unblended taste experience. The beauty of single-origin coffee lies in its ability to reflect the distinct characteristics of its terroir - the soil, climate, and altitude where it's grown. This results in an array of flavours that are as diverse as they are delightful.

A single-origin coffee from Ethiopia might have floral and citrus notes, while one from Colombia could contain hints of caramel and nuts. This diversity not only provides a sensory journey for coffee enthusiasts but also tells a story of the place and people behind each bean. It's a celebration of nature's variety and the skilled cultivation by local farmers, who nurture and harvest these beans to bring out their best flavours.

In a cup of single-origin coffee, one doesn't just taste a beverage; they experience a distinct part of the world, one sip at a time.

Sharing the Love for Speciality Drinks

Discover and try new coffees each time you visit us, each time discovering new coffee profiles and flavours.

Our menus are regularly updated to feature a diverse range of single-origin coffees, chocolates and speciality teas from all around the world, each with its own unique taste and provenance.

Redefining Quality Speciality Drinks

At Guillam, we take pride in ensuring that every cup of coffee we serve is of the highest quality.

Coffee is at the heart of everything we offer, and we are continually measuring, assessing, and monitoring the drinks we produce to ensure that we serve the best cup of coffee possible.

Reimagining the Coffee House Experience

Each and every one of our coffee houses are intentionally designed differently to provide a unique coffee house experience whenever you enter.

Our dedicated speciality coffee baristas are ready to help you discover new tastes in our offerings, including speciality coffee, chocolate drinks, and teas, guiding you in your experience at Guillam Coffee Houses.